Dj Paul Lainkza Bio

Since 1984, DJ Paul Lainkza has performed in a lot of  important festivals such as: DMC Brazil, Rock In Rio, Salvador Festival, The Olympia with hip-hop band Cypress Hill, Credicard Hall  with rock band Korn, and participated in the film “Carandiru”. DJ Paul Lainkza is known as a pioneer dj in the Brazilian Hip-Hop scene due to his innovative way of producing rap music at the time. He is regarded in the history books for his contributions in the Brazilian Hip Hop world.

With the closing of the activities of the RPW, DJ Paul decided to join friends from the east side of São Paulo and create the band Nó de Fumaça and a new musical project of Djs in concert.  For 2 years, DJ Paul and his friends concerts were so successful that they added two renowned djs  been making presentations with two more djs of renown status and also freelance djs such as; musicians Rich Silveira and Rubia.