Tag: Why Do I Collect Vinyl?

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Mehdi H.

Vinyl Collector: Mehdi H. blueingreenjazz on Instagram Country: Canada Birth Country: Morocco Genres: Jazz, Soul & Rock Collecting For 8 Years    That’s really a hard question. I don’t really know ‘’why’’, but I really […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl? Michael Squitiro

Vinyl Collector: Michael Squitiro  vinylmike68 on Instagram   Country: USA Genres: Mid-50’s to today. Rock, Jazz, Metal, Pop, Punk Collecting Vinyl For 40 Years (on & off)   Why do I collect vinyl? How much time […]

Hey I’m Bob and I’ve been collecting vinyl for about 6 years now.

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Bob H.

Vinyl Collector: Bob H.    Country: Somewhere In The World Genre: Jazz, Soul, Rock & Funk Collecting For 6 Years   Hey I’m Bob and I’ve been collecting vinyl for about 6 years now. Why […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl? DJ Gustavo Magoo

Vinyl Collector: Gustavo Magoo Gustavo Magoo on Instagram    Country: Brazil Genres: House & R&B/Soul Collecting For 30 Years I collect vinyl because I find the experience hypnotic, and at first I did not understand […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Rogerio Fiorelli

Vinyl Collector: Rogerio Fiorelli  rogeriofiorelli1971 on Instagram   Country: Brazil Genres: Funk, MPB, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop & Electronic Collecting Vinyl For 7 Years … Here are some situations that us vinyl collectors constantly experience: acquiring, waiting, […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Jennifer Cogburn

Vinyl Collector: Jennifer Cogburn Calligirljen on Instagram  Country: U.S.A. Genres: Rock, Pop, Soul, R&B, Country, Metal, Hip-Hop Collecting For 10 Years   I collect vinyl because, for me, it is the purest format for music; […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Altan Mentes

Vinyl Collector: Altan Mentes Unknownman_lee  on Instagram  Country: Turkey Genre: Pop, R&B, Italo-Disco, Rock, World, Electronica & Synthpop  Collecting For 19 Years I collect because I love the sound of vinyl.  I prefer vinyl over […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Piu Robson

Vinyl Collector: Piu Robson aka DJ Piu Robson   Country: Brazil Genres: MPB, Samba Rock, Acid Jazz, House Music & R&B, Rock Collecting For 27 Years   Known by my peers as DJ Piu Robson, everyone […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Scott

Vinyl Collector: Scott Milianos aka DJ Scott   Country: Brazil Genres: Gambo, R&B, Hip-Hop, Samba, Samba Rock, Collecting Vinyl For 30 Years   I have been collecting  vinyl since 1988 when through a friend, I acquired my […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Francesco Martin

Vinyl Collector: Francesco Martins a.k.a. Fran Francesco.martinsnj on Instagram  Home Country: United States Birth Country: Brazil Genres: MPB, Bossa Nova, Samba, Rock, Funk, Soul, R&B, Disco, Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic, World Collecting For 9 Years […]