Featured DJ: RM

Turntablism http://Arrayhttp://Arrayhttp://Arrayhttp://Array DJ RM’s Bio Rodrigo Antônio Mello, aka DJ RM was restless as a child. He remembers his parents having a “3 in 1” electronic device that he alone learned how to separate old records and teach himself  how to scratch over the songs he heard on the radios. DJ RM’s love of rap, funk and soul music began because of DJs on FM stations in the 1990s. Today at age 36,  he goes by the codename – RM – his artistic brand.  His career spans over 14 years with 18 awards under his belt, that’s a very expressive … Continue reading Featured DJ: RM

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?:  DJ Rinaldo Silva

Country: Brazil Genres: Funk, Soul, R&B Collecting For 20 Years I’m a worshiper of the 70s, 80s and 90s … funk and oldies music especially anything  connected to Black Music. I consider myself a sincere, helpful, supportive, cheerful,  deejay. Music protagonists that I am, I must choose what I want to play and always present an unforgettable show! Listening … creates a beautiful musical show! In my opinion a world without the art of music, is an uninspired world and a world without emotions. Music in particular, makes the soul transcend to a perfect imaginary and a state of equilibrium. It makes … Continue reading Why Do I Collect Vinyl?:  DJ Rinaldo Silva

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Cesar Oliveira 

Country: Brazil Genre: MPB, R&B, & Rap Collector For 20 Years  Born in the north of São Paulo, Dj Cesar is the middle brother of three brothers who are also DJs. DJ Cesar was also influenced by his uncles that had sound equipment and who also threw Rap parties in the district of Canindé / SP.  These Rap parties were mainly held at a nightclub called “Sunset Club” that was located in the region of Santana.  At the age of 16 Dj Cesar received an invitation to play  from DJ Kitão of the Chic Show, also playing with the Radial … Continue reading Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Cesar Oliveira