Featured DJ: Glaucio Almeida

DJ Glaucio Almeida Bio Glaucio Luis de Almeida Catanho aka DJ Glaucio Almeida is a 47 years old turntablist living in Sao Paulo. At the age of 9, DJ Glaucio’s father introduced him to the cds of Jorge Ben and Trio Mocotó – Cosa Nostra / Coqueiro Verde, 1970. By the age of 12, DJ Glaucio was already doing the garage music scene with his school friends in the Vila Matilde region. DJ Glaucio adds ” I always went with lots of remixed k7 tapes that I used to produce with my Sony model HMK353-Bs. At 14, DJ  Glaudio received his first … Continue reading Featured DJ: Glaucio Almeida