Featured DJ: Andre Tobias

DJ Andre Tobias Bio 42 year old turntablist André Tobias from Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil is a veteran DJ and vinyl collector for over  20 years. DJ André Tobias made a career out working in several clubs in his city of Limeira and clubs in other regions spinning Rap, Funk, R&B and MPB. His musical influences include artists such as: Zapp, Barry White, Bobby Caldwell, Notorious BIG, & DJ Premier,   DJ André Tobias grew up in the middle of music that started in his childhood. DJ André remarks “my grandmother listened to AM radio and she played a lot of music around the house”. DJ … Continue reading Featured DJ: Andre Tobias

Featured DJ: Glaucio Almeida

DJ Glaucio Almeida Bio Glaucio Luis de Almeida Catanho aka DJ Glaucio Almeida is a 47 years old turntablist living in Sao Paulo. At the age of 9, DJ Glaucio’s father introduced him to the cds of Jorge Ben and Trio Mocotó – Cosa Nostra / Coqueiro Verde, 1970. By the age of 12, DJ Glaucio was already doing the garage music scene with his school friends in the Vila Matilde region. DJ Glaucio adds ” I always went with lots of remixed k7 tapes that I used to produce with my Sony model HMK353-Bs. At 14, DJ  Glaudio received his first … Continue reading Featured DJ: Glaucio Almeida

Featured DJ: Piu Robson

Wilian Robson Souza aka DJ Piu Robson is a DJ and Cultural Producer who has played for 23 years in all the main houses of Sao Paulo. DJ Piu Robson graduated with a degree in Music Production Applied by ULM Free University of Music Tom Jobim.  After graduating, he began to get the necessary tools and resources that helped enhance their newly created performances, the own beats, scratches and samples.  DJ Piu Robson worked in DJ workshops and productions  for several social projects. In 2000, He then started to organize events. He worked for the company Audio Performance as Head of … Continue reading Featured DJ: Piu Robson

Featured DJ: RM

Turntablism http://Arrayhttp://Arrayhttp://Arrayhttp://Array DJ RM’s Bio Rodrigo Antônio Mello, aka DJ RM was restless as a child. He remembers his parents having a “3 in 1” electronic device that he alone learned how to separate old records and teach himself  how to scratch over the songs he heard on the radios. DJ RM’s love of rap, funk and soul music began because of DJs on FM stations in the 1990s. Today at age 36,  he goes by the codename – RM – his artistic brand.  His career spans over 14 years with 18 awards under his belt, that’s a very expressive … Continue reading Featured DJ: RM

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?:  DJ Rinaldo Silva

Country: Brazil Genres: Funk, Soul, R&B Collecting For 20 Years I’m a worshiper of the 70s, 80s and 90s … funk and oldies music especially anything  connected to Black Music. I consider myself a sincere, helpful, supportive, cheerful,  deejay. Music protagonists that I am, I must choose what I want to play and always present an unforgettable show! Listening … creates a beautiful musical show! In my opinion a world without the art of music, is an uninspired world and a world without emotions. Music in particular, makes the soul transcend to a perfect imaginary and a state of equilibrium. It makes … Continue reading Why Do I Collect Vinyl?:  DJ Rinaldo Silva