Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Pluginin Exchange About?

The Pluginin Exchange provides a platform dedicated to the introduction and education of “Vinyl Culture”. Our mission is to profile interesting vinyl turntablist of diverse backgrounds, ages, turntablism technique levels and education via performance and/or educational videos, interviews and articles.

What Type Of Turntablist/DJ Is Pluginin Exchange Looking For?

We are currently accepting turntablists and djs from all genres, backgrounds and technique levels.  Our only requirement for turntablist is that eligible djs must spin vinyl records.

How Does Someone Get Considered For A Turntablist Profile Page?

The best way to be considered for a turntablist profile page is by submitting contact information and a 5 minute video showing off your vinyl turntablism techniques to

What Information Is Required For A Turntablist Profile?

Two things are required.  Vinyl turntablist must subscribe to the Pluginin Exchange with a valid email. Vinyl turntablist will provide the Pluginin Exchange with a biography, 5 photos and 2 videos sent via email to

Are There Any Video And Picture Requirements?

Video Requirements:

All video sent to The Pluginin Exchange must be sent via WeTransfer (It’s Free) . All videos must have a clear picture and good sound. We want to showcase you at your best.

Videos submitted to The Pluginin Exchange must be in mp4 format, no shorter than 5 minute and no longer than 20 minutes.

Picture Requirements:

Minimum photo size 1280 x 720.  All pictures must be clear and in focus.

Send all videos and pictures to

How Do I Submit My Videos & Profile Information?

That’s Easy! Send all videos and profile information to 

Am I Responsible For Updating My Profile?

Yes! you are responsible for helping us updating to profile with fresh and current videos and pictures on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Our mission is to ensure a fun and current platform where our audience will have an opportunity to follow and like your profile.

*Inactive profiles will be removed.

How Can I Submit A “Why Do I Collect Vinyl? Essay?

Submit all essays to