Category: Vinyl Collector

Vinyl Collector: Carlos José Pinto (Carlinhos)

Country: Brazil Genres: MPB, R&B, Samba-Rock, Funk, Samba, Disco, Pop, Rock, Reggae & House Collecting For 33 Years I remember that my first contact with vinyl happened through friends and family, who in the 70’s and […]

Why Do I Collect Vinyl?

Vinyl Collector: Mehdi H. blueingreenjazz on Instagram Country: Canada Birth Country: Morocco Genres: Jazz, Soul & Rock Collecting For 8 Years    That’s really a hard question. I don’t really know ‘’why’’, but I really […]

Vinyl Collector: André Tobias

Country: Brazil Genre: Rap, R&B, Funk, MPB & Jazz Collector For 25 Years My relationship with music began in the late 80’s, when my uncle who was part of a sound team, used to take me […]

Vinyl Collector: Glaucio Catanho

Country: Brazil  Genres: R&B, Rap, Old School, Jazz, Samba & MPB Collector For 30 Years I started to have an interest in vinyl at a very young age, ever since my father gave me my […]

Vinyl Collector: DJ Cesar Oliveira 

Country: Brazil Genre: MPB, R&B, & Rap Collector For 20 Years  Born in the north of São Paulo, Dj Cesar is the middle brother of three brothers who are also DJs. DJ Cesar was also […]

Vinyl Collector: DJ Marquinhos da Pesada

  Country: Brazil Genre: R&B, HIP-Hop, Funk, Soul, Samba Rock & Drum & Bass Collecting Vinyl For 28 Years Vinyl started to be a part of my life in 1989 when I got a record in […]

Vinyl Collector: DJ Jean Raps

Country: Brazil  Genres: Rap, R&B, Samba, Melodia, House Music & MPB Collecting Vinyl For 30 Years   I’m DJ Jean and I’m a 41 year old Brazilian who enjoys collecting records with my brothers, who […]