Category: Turntablist

Turntablist: DJ Markus JB

http://Array DJ Markus JB BIO DJ Markus JB has been  working with MPB rarities since 1987 and his specialty is bossa nova and samba jazz. DJ Markus JB’s repertoire are usually  songs by artists such […]

Turntablist: DJ Andre Tobias

DJ Andre Tobias Bio 42 year old turntablist André Tobias from Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil is a veteran DJ and vinyl collector for over  20 years. DJ André Tobias made a career out working in several […]

Turntablist: DJ Glaucio Almeida

DJ Glaucio Almeida Bio Glaucio Luis de Almeida Catanho aka DJ Glaucio Almeida is a 47 years old turntablist living in Sao Paulo. At the age of 9, DJ Glaucio’s father introduced him to the […]

Turntablist: DJ Don Lorenzo

Turntablism http://Array DJ Don Lorenzo’s Bio Producer, DJ and VJ, Don Lorenzo has been working in the independent rap scene since the 90s and his main influences are rap, rock, and r&b. At the same […]

Turntablist: DJ Piu Robson

Wilian Robson Souza aka DJ Piu Robson is a DJ and Cultural Producer who has played for 23 years in all the main houses of Sao Paulo. DJ Piu Robson graduated with a degree in […]

Turntablist:  DJ Rinaldo Silva

Country: Brazil Genres: Funk, Soul, R&B Collecting For 20 Years I’m a worshiper of the 70s, 80s and 90s … funk and oldies music especially anything  connected to Black Music. I consider myself a sincere, helpful, supportive, […]

Turntablist: DJ Marquinhos Da Pesada

Country: Brazil  Genres: R&B, HIP-Hop, Funk, Soul, Samba Rock & Drum & Bass Collecting For 28 Years My life as a DJ began in the middle of 1989 when I was 13 years old and music […]

Turntablist: Carlos José Pinto (Carlinhos)

The Pluginin Exchange < h4> Country: Brazil Genres: MPB, R&B, Samba-Rock, Funk, Samba, Disco, Pop, Rock, Reggae & House Collecting For 33 Years I remember that my first contact with vinyl happened through friends and family, […]

Turntablist: DJ Murphy Jay

Fabio a.k.a.  DJ Murphy Jay has experienced almost all elements of Hip Hop, making him an important part of the movement. His specialty as a DJ is characterized by his versatility and his experience with […]

Turntablist: DJ Cesar Oliveira 

Country: Brazil Genre: MPB, R&B, & Rap Collector For 20 Years  Born in the north of São Paulo, Dj Cesar is the middle brother of three brothers who are also DJs. DJ Cesar was also […]