Soul: Voce e Eu Artista Em Destaque: Mano Rick

Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: Links: Ouça Mano Rick no Spotify: Mano Rick: Nascido na cultura independente do Rap pelotense, Mano Rick leva na essência da sua arte as raízes de sua origem no Loteamento Dunas. O início … Continue reading Soul: Voce e Eu Artista Em Destaque: Mano Rick

Featured DJ: Piu Robson

Wilian Robson Souza aka DJ Piu Robson is a DJ and Cultural Producer who has played for 23 years in all the main houses of Sao Paulo. DJ Piu Robson graduated with a degree in Music Production Applied by ULM Free University of Music Tom Jobim.  After graduating, he began to get the necessary tools and resources that helped enhance their newly created performances, the own beats, scratches and samples.  DJ Piu Robson worked in DJ workshops and productions  for several social projects. In 2000, He then started to organize events. He worked for the company Audio Performance as Head of … Continue reading Featured DJ: Piu Robson