About Us

What’s The Pluginin Exchange All About?

The Pluginin Exchange’s mission is based on one philosophy  #KeepingRealMusicAlive

The music business of yesterday has moved to the side and has let the new generation movers and shakers like; Spotify, ITunes, Amazon: to come and take their right positions as the new leaders the new music business.  

However, as a music historian I am making it my personal mission to preserve and honor the wonderful artists’ who sang timeless song, played instruments, wrote incredible music, produced, arranged, distributed and engineered this entity we refer to as American’s Music. Even though, my primary passion is the history of music, I’m still open to new genres, innovative sounds, rhythms and melodies.

My music background includes  20 years of: music consulting for independent musicians and music retail and promotion for Virgin and Tower records.  In 2005, I owned and operated a music promotions website called Evolution Of Media for 5 years that produced;  music reviews and  interviews with independent and establish artists.




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