Artista em Destaque: Alana Claudiano

Written By Fran Martins

Behind a sweet little face is hidden a true international showgirl. And it may well be the best generational relay of another expert in print staging as is her idol Carmen Miranda. Born in Rio de Janeiro, where she started writing and sing at the age of 6, l, Alana Claudiano moved years later to Mexico in pursuit of a career in Dramatic Art, with a circumstantial stay in Viña del Mar (Chile). Finally she graduated as an journalist  in 2006 and a year later decided to try her luck in Spain. Between 2007 and 2009 and in a completely anonymous way, she began to compose and sing in small venues in Madrid. Based on going aside some of the money from the bowling, the boom of social networks makes her choose to become a record company of himself, something she would not get until 2009. In that spring, finally, she reached several local radios around the world “Todo sobre ti”: a debut single, with an ingenious lyrics and cool music using the artistic name of Lanka. The “B-side” of the single was “Lloré tu llanto”, rock style with a rumba touch, also becomes popular, released simultaneously in Spanish and Portuguese.

Surrounded by a good squad of audiovisual professionals (like the video director Juan Marrero, photographers like Kiko Alcázar or a real legion of new remixers like DJ Suri, Yaxkin Retrodisco, Pete Masitti, Dony Pirelli, Pepe Herrero or the ex-Pumpin ‘ Dolls Abel Arana), this environment allows her to start playing in a short time with changes of look as varied as surprising. Carrying the Carnival in the DNA and the acting vocation is always a plus, and Alana develops and plays with the androgyny in such a way that each campaign of launching a single or each photo posted on its Facebook is a small party for her followers in the social networks. Between a hair coloring and the next, alternating natural looks with ends of the J-Rock hard version, she writes songs at the tip of the blade and her style changes with her, going from the organic and light sounds of the beginning (eg “Ahora sé”) to a progressive use of electronics with structures and harmonies that have nothing to envy to those of Broadway musicals or Gothic Rock (eg”Cenizas del Ayer”).363.3

The combination of changing image and continuous work would allow her to re-launch her debut album up to twice a year, a strategy very much in vogue in artists much more radiated all over the planet like Katy Perry, but with a difference: while the American girl is near For three years making a great return on her “reissues” of the same “Teenage Dream”, our little protagonist published her second album “Fénix” in 2012. An album that is actually the third one, since while her debut was released in 2009 based on singles, had already completed “Flores”, an album that should have been released in 2010 but which was not heard until about September of 2011. To the astonishment of all her followers, this situation became known and normalized when Alana, which until now had worked completely independently, accepted in the same autumn the offer of the multinational Sony Music to launch “Lanka”, “Flores” and “Fénix” in the same pack with a special price.

“Morir para vivir” has been the fourth single extracted from “Fénix”. The lyrics, like all of that album, revolve around the same concept of the famous mythological bird (e.g. “Cenizas del Ayer” or “Alas de Fuego”). The original arrangement, a contrast between the fine voice of Alana and the sharp violins, is a caramel that would like to hear the filmmaker Tim Burton before going to bed and dream of his next fantasy “dark”. To the delight of those who like artists with the ability to create impact, the remix we offer enhances this dark atmosphere with diminished chords, chromatic progressions, changes in tone and an air that the electric guitar is charging with volts and unleashes the closest thing to a perfect storm that enhances the apparent vocal fragility of the Brazilian singer.

Acuario is the fourth and last full-length album release by the artist (still using the artistic name “Lanka”) in 2013”. Niña triste was her first single as “Alana Claudiano” in March, 2016 followed up by “Yo merezco ser amada por ti” in the summer of the same year. Alana is recording her 5th album in Los Angeles, California to be released now in 2018.

Lanka and Alana Claudiano discography available in

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