R&B News: Billy Ocean Delivers An Emphatic 70th Birthday Present In “One World”.

International Soul-Pop Star Billy Ocean Drops “One World” For 70th Birthday

Leave it to singer/songwriter Billy Ocean to make his grand return after over a decade off the scene with a sparkling danceable song that is a missive for us to heal our troubled world. Titled “One World,” the song and forthcoming 12-song album of the same name (due April 17) reunite Ocean with producer Barry Eastmond with whom Billy struck gold in the past with hits such as “Love Zone,” “The Colour of Love” and “There’ll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry).”

“One World” is a techno-fied four-on-the-floor message song that finds Ocean in strong familiar voice as he sings of the need for a “love revolution – one dream, brothers and sisters, you know what I mean.” It’s a lyric that should resound within American audiences for sure, not to mention Ocean’s fans around the globe. “One World” is a dancefloor jam of optimism that is sorely needed right now, and Ocean is just the elder statesman to deliver it.

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