Soul: Voce e Eu Flashback: DJ: Mauricio Rocha From São Paulo, Brazil

Dj Mauricio Rocha career started in Brazilian music scene of the the 80’s when he started working in the group Six of Gold; well-known in the Brazilian music scene.  As part of the  sales and management  teams responsible  for the company’s stores located in the large malls of Sao Paulo.  Incidentally at the same time DJ Mauricio Rocha passion for vinyl began to increase and he  started  spinning vinyl at family gatherings, parties and dances  especially the old school dances. He recalls that the dj’s that played the best music and drew the largest crowds  played in the great clubs of Sao Paulo like Club Homs or the House of Portugal. 

Even though technology and music have transitioned into djs not using vinyl anymore, fortunately, DJ Mauricio still prefers to only spin vinyl at parties  like he did at the beginning of his career. When DJ Mauricio watches the current generation of djs he’s concerned that they will never have the full dj sensation of working with vinyl  and the wisdom required to take care of records. 

Despite new trends in turntablism DJ Mauricio Rocha continues to live a life of nostalgic nights together with his loyal audience that follows him to all the dances in Sao Paulo reminiscing about their youth. 

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