R&B Album Review: Girl Talk – The Girls’

When the Girls’ Girl Talk came out in 1984, Prince’s Minneapolis sound was huge. R&B was full of Prince and Time imitators, and many artists reasoned that an easy way to score a quick hit was to be as Minneapolis-sounding as possible.  Like those two sexy girl-groups; Vanity 6 & the Mary Jane Girls, the Girls allowed their mentor to write, arrange and produce songs with sexy lyrics surrounded by new-wave influenced synth arrangements. Lead singer German Brooks along with members Sheila Rankin and Doris Rhodes, could actually sing when they weren’t busy whispering and moaning on such sex-driven tunes as the freaky ballad “Someone Shoulda Told Me”, the titillating “S-E-S-E-X” (sample lyric: “Get on your knees and give me S-E-S-E-X”. Yep this one is the “Nasty Girl” of this album), the bouncy new-wave tune “Nu Boy” and the giggly title tune. The single “Don’t Waste My Time” actually has a strong hook and great vocals from German, even when she’s singing lyrical hooks like “I’m not into playing games/I’d rather play with myself”, while the album closer “My Man” sounds like the Ronnettes meet the Minneapolis sound. Great obscure album for historians of the Minneapolis sound although not essential.

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