Soul: Voce e Eu Presents: DJ Murphy Jay

DJ Murphy Jay’s Bio

Fabio a.k.a.  DJ Murphy Jay has experienced almost all elements of Hip Hop, making him an important part of the movement. His specialty as a DJ is characterized by his versatility and his experience with other elements that contribute  to his evolution as an artist .

The beginning of his experience with hip hop was at the black parties of Diadema, where he studied and admired the work of the popular DJs.  It was at these parties that DJ Murphy Jay began to aim his pursues towards the same profession.n He begins the art of being a DJ, by taking classes with Dj DanDan (Criolo), Tano (Z’África Brasil) and David. In addition to DJing with names such as “Criolo”, DJ Murphy Jay has also performed at parties such as Discopédia, Marakasi Tupinikim Pizza Bar & Lounge, Shuffle Porão 900, Posto 9 hamburgueria in Moema, Hole Club and the event called “Second Meeting of DJs de São Paulo “.

Currently DJ Murphy Jay has been developing and organizing a project called the Caixa Preta Project in Diadema, which has gained prominence due to Murphy Jay & Dj Dipper’s ability to through exciting DJ parties.

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