New Music: Stokley’s “She” Is A Gift To Lady Listeners And A Primer For Tongue-Tied Gentlemen.

Written By Melody Charles from

Jewelry, gourmet chocolates, a path of fragrant rose petals leading to a soothing soak and an even hotter evening for two: expressing one’s love can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but sometimes a woman just wants to hear it, which is why Stokley‘s latest song, “She,” hits nothing but musical net. 

Remember that earworm of a single, “Organic,” from his solo debut Introducing Stokley, and its praises of beauty au naturale? “She” is an extensionof the former, delving beneath the surface to focus on the traits that are more than skin deep, anchored by a sinuous, mellow groove that showcases his distinctive range. Soulful, yet simplistic, “She” is a list of quirks and qualifiers that breaks down the reasons why Stokley’s lady is The One and all but counts the ways: “She is a queen of mine, she, perfectly designed / She, without even trying, her lips her eyes they drive me crazy.”

Ladies, you know it’s true: it’s fine if a stranger pays you a compliment, but those sweet words flow just a little sweeter coming from the man you love. The first single from his upcoming sophomore joint, “She” is a gift to lady listeners and a primer for tongue-tied fellas on how to get nice with the verbs. Either way, Stokley can’t lose.


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