Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: DJ Piu Robson

Vinyl Collector: DJ Piu Robson

Country: Brazil

Genre: MPB, Samba Rock, Acid Jazz, House Music, R&B & Rock

Collecting For 28 Years

Known by my peers as DJ Piu Robson, everyone knows that I have an intense passion and love for great music.  I remembers my taste initially being developed from the age of 10, by the music played in my family home.  My family played  everything from the Roberto Carlos to the Beatles, however, my first vinyl purchase was in 1991 called “ACID HOUSE”.  Attending and graduating from the Free University of Musica Tom Jobim, my musical taste continues to expand even further.

I have been a collector’s vinyl for 27 years now and have a very extensive collection reaching roughly 1,000 records.  Even though, I own a lot of music,  my love of digging for new music hasn’t stop, so my collection continues to increase. Since 2015, I have performed at Virada Cultural de São Paulo, Hip Hop Month and played in Curitiba, Recife, Fortaleza, Juiz de Fora and Campinas.

Ultimately, I collect vinyl because I realize how happy music makes people feel when I’m behind the turntables. I also enjoy the smiles I get when I share my musical experience on various projects such as DJ Workshops or being a producer on music productions.

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