R&B Music News: Stax Legend David Porter Enlightens On “The Classics”

When it comes to musical legends, they don’t get much bigger than David Porter. The renowned songwriter and producer is a cornerstone of historic Stax Records. His songs, many co-written by fellow legend Isaac Hayes, drove Stax to the top of the charts and provided us with the soundtrack for many of our lives. And National Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee continues to impact the soul world a half century after he began, taking Porcelan up the charts last year with the beautiful “The Real Thing Don’t Change.”

Now David Porter has a new project that is wowing fans and critics around the world. The Classics is a new release on which David tells the story of many of his biggest hits in fascinating detail. And those stories are followed by re-recordings of the soundtracks to those hits, demonstrating the craftsmanship that went into the creation of the now iconic songs.

We expect that both longtime fans and newbies are going to cherish this album as much as we do. It is a loving look back at a golden moment in time for soul music by one of the legends who made that moment happen.

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