Why Do I Collect Vinyl? – Michael Flowers Jr.

Ever since I was a baby, from what my parents tell me, I’ve always loved music. My father had a nice collection of records and I would sit and watch him play them. And a kid starting in my preteens, I often hung around people my parents age and many of them had record collections. I even had a DJ friend. So you know the inevitable was going to happen. I started deejaying when Iwas 10.I also started my initial collection when I was in my late teens. Going to the record was so much fun. I enjoyed being exposed to all sorts of music. Although I bought CDs as well, there were certain types of music I didn’t like on CD because it seemed the music had been tampered with, especially music from the 60s, you know, music in one speaker and singing in the other. Also, older jazz, like George Shearing, Milt Jackson, Cal Tjader, Grover Washington Jr… That’s the kind of music you have to have on vinyl. After I lost my initial collection due to some unfortunate circumstances, I shied away from buying albums. But when I moved to Atlanta Georgia USA and got to be friendly with an older lady who had a collection, it reawakened my former joy and since then I’ve been on a roll. Going to the record store is still an adventure. The artwork, the stories, the album cuts that are missing off Greatest Hits, new discoveries… you’re only gonna get that from crate digging. You don’t get that same excitement from MP3s..     

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