Flashback: Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Carlos José Pinto (Carlinhos)

I remember that my first contact with vinyl happened through friends and family, who in the 70’s and 80’s were part of some of the numerous dance teams in the neighborhood, which was common at that time.  In 1985, I began to acquire vinyl in the already famous Galeria 24 de Maio, in the Banca do Carlos (located on Rua Libero Badaró), Mappin, Galeria José Bonifácio and  specialized vinyl stores in my neighborhood.

In 1987, I was part of a team which was responsible for dances and events called Sweet Music, but by the 90s, together with my brother and cousins ​​we created the New Balance.

In 1996, through a radio friend, I got a job as an audio operator on a community radio called Sampa FM, in COHAB Cidade Tiradentes, where I stayed for six months. In that period, the passion and interest in vinyl became stronger, because the station had a collection with many titles, which fascinated me a lot. One of the members of the radio, called Edson Boca was the owner of all the collection, and there I was able to meet and work with other vinyl lovers, such as DJ Cosmos (Team Kaskata’s) and DJ Téo (ex-employee of Truck’s Discs ).

When vinyl began to lose ground in the phonographic market, I began to frequent the sebum, and most recently the vinyl fairs that happen with a certain frequency in the city. Without a doubt, my greatest passion is music,  which I can associate all my memories, feelings too. At times, this passion goes beyond the simple act of listening to it. Whoever collects vinyl knows what I’m talking about.

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