Pluginin Exchange Flashback: DJ: Sergio Rica

DJ Sergio Rica Biograhy

Panda Import (FaceBook)

Equipment For DJs

Sergio Rica is an audiophile import retailer and considers himself an amateur DJ.  He began listening to the amazing hits of the 70’s when he was 10 years old and enjoying the sounds of disco, funk, soul and the boogie era. He listened to the great FMs  stations of São Paulo like Jovem Pan 2, Record, Bandeirantes, Antena 1, Pool Fm 89.1 and Transamerica. Rica recalls “I used to record everything on tapes from dozens of programs like Julinho Mazzei’s Show and The Big Apple Show”.

In the 80’s, Dj Sergio began to attend the dances of Jundiai located in São João, Grêmio where he was part of a collaboration called “Fantasy”  with Dj Facca & Guina.  By the 90’s  he was a frequent DJ at The Overnight, Open Down, Toco, ContraMon and Hipódromos.

Aside from djing, Sergio Rica has been running a company called Panda Imports for 18 years known in the national territory of Brazil as the go to place for quality dj equipment.  Operating Panda Imports has given Sergio the opportunity to establish loyal friendships from Djs and the pleasure to supply DJ equipment to most of the popular Brazilian Clus  such as; Energia 97, Nova Overnight, The Fazano Hotel in Rio, and Coco Bambu in Fortaleza, Brazil.

Currently, Sergio is relaxing and has returned back to collect vinyls the enjoys listening to them on his vintage Technics SL-1200MK2 .

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