This Week’s Top Ten R&B Album Selected By My Vinyl Peers On Instagram

As an avid vinyl collector I fluently use Instagram to showcase new albums and share music that I find on my vinyl excursions. However, since Instagram has began punishing us with violations for sharing music with others, I have decided to begin posting a weekly top 10 albums charts that will highlight what Jazz, Popular Vocals and R&B albums my peers on Instagram appear to enjoy.

August 9, 2019

10. Anita Baker – Rapture (1986)

New Entry

Produced By Michael J. Powell, Marti Sharron, Gary Skardina

9. Isaac Hayes – Chocolate Chip (1975)

#6 (Last Week)

Produced By Isaac Hayes

8. Maxwell – Urban Hang Suite (1996)

New Entry

Produced By Maxwell, Peter Mokran, Stuart Matthewman

7. Jamiroquai – The Return Of The Space Cowboy (1994)

New Entry

Produced By Mike Nielsen and Al Stone

6. Earth Wind & Fire – Head To The Sky (1973)

#9 (Last Week)

Produced By Joseph Wissert

5. Rick James – Street Songs (1981)

New Entry

Produced By Rick James

4. Donna Summer – Bad Girls (1979)

New Entry

Produced By Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte

3. Aretha Franklin – Aretha Now (1968)

New Entry

Produced By Jerry Wexler

2. Smokey Robinson – A Quiet Storm (1975)

New Entry

Produced By Smokey Robinson

  1. Grover Washington Jr. – Inner City Blues (1972)

#1 (2nd Wk)

Produced By Creed Taylor

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