Why Do I Collect Vinyl?: Maurice Edwards

The Pluginin Exchange

Vinyl Collector: Maurice Edwards aka International Kat

International_Kat on Instagram

Country:United States

Genres:Jazz, Electronica, R&B, Pop, World, Blues, Pop Vocals

Collecting For 4 Years

The art of collecting vinyl became appealing to me again, roughly 4 1/2 years ago, around the time Spotify streaming was beginning to transition into the preferred music format of the current generation.  Despite this evolution, a “little bird” whispered in my ear encouraging me to start collecting vinyl again. I must admit,  I was hesitant at first with the concept because of the cost; the resurgent of the vinyl format has had made collecting vinyl  an expensive hobby.  However, after 10 minutes I eagerly re-embraced the role of collecting vinyl again as my primary music format; not realizing that the vinyl collecting process would eventually cleanse and heal my broken spirit.

As an illustration of my vinyl collecting ritual,  I began visiting my…

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