R&B Music News: Raphael Saadiq Announces New Album “Jimmy Lee”

Raphael Saadiq has announced his first solo album in eight years:  Jimmy Lee, the follow-up to 2011’s Stone Rollin’, is out August 23. The lead single from the album Something Keeps Calling” featuring Rob Bacon is already creating a buzz. Raphael Saadiq self-produced Jimmy Lee and recorded it at Blakeslee Recording Co. in North Hollywood with contributions from Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Tribe Called Quest) and Kendrick Lamar.

Jimmy Lee:

01 Sinners Prayer
02 So Ready
03 This World Is Drunk
04 Something Keeps Calling
05 Kings Fall
06 I’m Feeling Love
07 My Walk
08 Belongs to God
09 Dottie’s Interlude
10 Glory to the Veins
11 Rikers Island
12 Rikers Island Redux
13 Rearview

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