10 Classic Songs By Morris Day & The Time

Although Prince is regarded as the “Architect”, The Time played a major part in the formation and success of the Minneapolis Sound of the 80’s and 90’s. The Time ‘s original members consisted of Morris Day as lead singer, Jellybean Johnson on drums, Jerome Benton as the valet, Terry Lewis on bass, Jesse Johnson on guitar, Jimmy Jam and Monte Moir on keyboards. The Time’s mix of  soul music, funk and dance music created some of the most timeless gems that I’m creating a top ten of my personal favorite songs in honor of the legacy of The Time.

10. Chili Sauce

Album: Ice Cream Castles

9. Jungle Love

Album: Ice Cream Castles

8. The Stick

Album: The Time

7. Get It Up

Album: The Time

6. The Bird

Album: Ice Cream Castles

5. Ice Cream Castles

Album: Ice Cream Castles

4. The Walk

Album: What Time Is It?

3. Cool

Album: The Time

2. Wild & Loose

Album: What Time Is It?

  1. 777 – 9311

Album: What Time Is It?



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