This Week’s Top 10 Albums Selected By Our Instagram Followers

As an avid vinyl collector I use Instagram frequently to showcase new albums and share music that I find on my vinyl excursions. However, since Instagram has began punishing us for sharing music with others, I have decided to begin posting a weekly the top 10 albums charts that will showcase what Jazz, Popular Vocals and R&B albums my peers on Instagram regard as timeless.

Top Ten Albums For July 22, 2019

10. Cameosis – Cameo (1980)

Produced by Larry Blackmon

9. Street Life – The Crusaders (1979)

Produced by Wilton Felder, Stix Hooper, and Joe Sample

8. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (1962)

Produced by Bob Thiele

7. Hotter Than July – Stevie Wonder (1980)

Produced by Stevie Wonder

6. Giant Steps – John Coltrane (1960)

Produced by Nesuhi Ertegun

5. Ask Rufus – Rufus featuring Chaka Khan (1977)

Produced by Rufus

4. Lady In Satin – Billie Holiday (1958)

Produced by Irving Townsend and Arranged by Ray Ellis

3. I Want You – Marvin Gaye (1976)

Produced by Marvin Gaye, Leon Ware & Arthur “T-Boy” Ross

2. Milestones – Miles Davis (1958)

Produced by George Avakian

  1. 1999 – Prince (1 week At Number 1)

Produced by Prince

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