10 Singers That Covered Heatwave’s Classic Song “Always And Forever”

Always and Forever” is an R&B song written by Rod Temperton and produced by Barry Blue. It was first recorded by the British-based multinational funkdiscoband Heatwave in 1976. Released as a single on December 3, 1977, the song is included on Heatwave’s debut album Too Hot to Handle (1976) and has been covered by numerous artists, becoming something of a standard.

The song reached number 18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in March 1978 after peaking at number two on the US Billboard R&B chart, the band’s highest showing on that tally. The single was certified platinum by the RIAA on September 6, 2001.[1][2] In the UK, the songs “Too Hot to Handle” and “The Groove Line” were released before a double A-sided “Always and Forever” / “Mind Blowing Decisions” was issued in November 1978. This became the band’s second top ten on the UK Singles Chart when it spent two weeks at number 9 in December of that year.

10. Alexander O’Neal – Alex Loves (2008)

9. Ruben Studdard – Ruben Sings Luther (2018)

8. Christopher Williams – Adventures In Paradise (1989)

7. Jay Perez – Siempre Contigo (1999)

6. Whistle – Always And Forever (1990)

5. Wyclef Jean – So Amazing: An All Star Tribute To Luther Vandross (2005)

4. Stanley Jordan – Bolero (1994)

3. Silk – Always And Forever (2006)

2. Johnny Mathis – A Night To Remember (2008)

1. Luther Vandross – Songs (1994)

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