10 Barry White Songs That Make Women Want To Make Love.

10. Love Serenade Part 1 – (1975)

Love Serenade was never a single but a cult classic in regards to classic “Bluelight  Ballads”. Barry speaks throughout the number hypnotizing the female listener. 

9. Just The Way You Are (1978)

     Some may have questioned Barry White‘s judgement when, in the autumn of 1978, he covered a song from only 12 months earlier which was already on its way to becoming an easy listening classic and double Grammy-winner.

    But the soul man’s instincts were spot on. Billy Joel’s ‘Just The Way You Are’ was the sort of gem that would adapt perfectly well to an R&B interpretation. On 12 December that year, White’s version, released as a UK single from his album The Man, entered the charts and went on to be the second-longest-running hit he ever had there.


8. Midnight And You (1974)

      Alright, Mr. Man. If you’re going to mumble at the beginning of your song, then you’d might as well suck it in and belt a few lyrics about your latest erection. That why people like listening to you in the first place, you dirty old man. Anyway, I was half-expecting this song to suck or something because it’s slower and more subdued. The themes aren’t much to speak of, but White’s textures are interesting. He might have put restraints on that wobbly funk guitarist, but … well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with over ‘70s-fying the thing. While you’re at it, I mean.


7. I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby (1973)

     If there’s ever going to be one song to get you into the mood for love, then this is it. A steady rhythm, funk guitars and thicker atmosphere keep the experience more enjoyable. This transitions gracefully into the main section of the song (featuring a memorable melody) making this one of the more structurally sound pieces of this album.

     Barry’s seductive track reached number three in the US, and has been used in various TV shows and movies over the years. 

6. Put Me In Your Mix (1991)

     Co-written with Johnson, “Put Me In Your Mix” didn’t cross over to the pop market, but became yet another huge R&B hit for White, peaking at No. 2. The video for the track emphasises how Barry was modernising himself without betraying his ultra-romantic sound and style.

5. You’re the First, the Last, My Everything (1974)

     I guaran-damn-tee most would swoon over those words alone. With the wonderful sweeping orchestration, a funky guitar riff that pops it’s head in every couple of minutes, and syrupy backing vocals behind him, he still ends up becoming the most identifiable element. Why, you as? Well, Barry was at his most sultry and comes off as boyish in this song to me, despite having one of the deepest baritones in contemporary music. With some heartfelt lyrics that when meshed with the instrumentation, You’re the First translates into a killer disco track. Even the pauses on here rule. A quintessential disco single, and a top contender for any mixtape of love. 

4. Playing Your Game, Baby (1977)

     This is about as pleasant, goodhearted and inoffensive as it gets without ever being good.  The atmosphere is rather well done with a number of sound-effects to give it a nice texture. Furthermore, White’s voice seems like it’s in top form.  Those trumpets are rather minimal, but an excellent touch.

3. You Turned My Whole World Around (1977)

     A non-track from “Sings For Someone You Love” and in my opinion it is one of White’s strongest love ballad from the late seventies. Classic White. 

2. I Found Someone (1973)

     White’s sound is fully formed—there’s no mistaking his velvet baritone or his lush, string-draped surrounding, this heartfelt song so seductively .

1. It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me – (1977)

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