Vinyl Releases: Madonna – Madame X Rainbow Pic Disc.

By Paul Sinclair of SDE

Madonna is releasing her forthcoming album Madame X on a new format; a double ‘rainbow’ vinyl picture disc set.

The 15-track rainbow vinyl features ‘M’ and ‘X’ graphics on one side with rainbow stripes on the reverse. Proceeds will go to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention charity for LGBTQ youth.

Madame X is released on 14 June 2019


  1. Medellin with Maluma
  2. Dark Ballet
  3. God Control
  4. Future ft. Quavo
  5. Batuka
  6. Killers Who Are Partying
  7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
  8. Crazy
  9. Come Alive
  10. Extreme Occident
  11. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
  12. Bitch I’m Loca ft. Maluma
  13. I Don’t Search I Find
  14. Looking for Mercy
  15. I Rise

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