Vinyl Releases: Paul McCartney Reissues A Series Of Live Albums On CD and Coloured & Black Vinyl.

Written by by Paul Sinclair from SDE

Paul McCartney is reissuing four live albums on CD and vinyl, with limited coloured vinyl editions available.

The four albums in question are 1976’s Wings Over America (the only album of the four to have already been part of Paul’s ‘Archive Collection’ reissue campaign), Choba B CCCP Paul’s 1988 live-in-the-studio rendition of rock ‘n’ roll classics that was exclusive to the Soviet Union (for a while), Paul Is Live from 1993, which features live cuts performed on McCartney’s ‘New World Tour’ in support of the Off The Groundalbum (including five from that very album) and finally Amoeba Gig the first full commercial release of Paul’s 2007 free gig at Hollywood’s Amoeba Music (he was promoting Memory Almost Full at the time).

Points of interest are that Paul is Live and Choba B CCCP are both newly remasteredat Abbey Road while Amoeba Gig goes one step further and is remixed for this release as well as including a bonus track ‘Coming Up’ (soundcheck). The Russian Album (as it was known) also adheres to the original 11-track version released in the Soviet Union and not the 14-track edition put out on CD in 1991.

Given that this is a gathering of live albums, it’s a little surprising that 1991’s Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) isn’t part of this line-up and arguably would have been a bit more attractive to fans than putting forward Wings Over America to a fanbase that have likely already bought the 2013 reissue on vinyl. Ditto 1990’s Tripping The Live Fantastic. Presumably we’ll get them at some point.

All of the four live albums are being released again on CD (WOA is a double, of course), as well as black and coloured vinyl. As with previous coloured vinyl editions Universal ‘reserve’ these for McCartney’s store and their own direct-to-consumer channels, so unfortunately, like other independent retailers, we don’t get access to this stock for the SDE shop. MusicVaultz in Canada have a special bundle available, and other channels in other territories have followed suit.

Wings Over AmericaChoba B CCCP, Paul Is Live and Amoeba Gig will all be reissued on 12 July 2019.


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