Keith Richards’ Unreleased Blues Shuffle ‘Big Town Playboy’ From ‘Talk Is Cheap’ Reissue

By Daniel Kreps

Keith Richards has shared the new lyric video for “Big Town Playboy,” an unreleased track that features on the upcoming reissue of the Rolling Stones guitarist’s 1988 solo LP Talk Is Cheap.

The blues shuffle, recorded during the same sessions that spawned Talk Is Cheap, features former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor and Rock Hall-inducted blues pianist and Chuck Berry collaborator Johnnie Johnson.

“This album holds up,” Richards previously said of the Talk Is Cheap 30th anniversary reissue. “I’ve been listening to it and not through the mists of nostalgia either because it doesn’t affect me that way. This is more than the sum of its parts. I really admire it. We were having fun and you can hear it.”

“Big Town Playboy” is one of six unreleased tracks on the reissue, which also boasts the unearthed outtake “My Babe.” In addition to standard CD and vinyl versions, the 30th anniversary reissue, due out March 29th, is available as a deluxe box set with an 80-page book featuring a new interview with Richards. A “super deluxe” box set that comes in a case that replaces Richards’ guitar case made by the Fender Custom Shop and takes two weeks to create.

“The aging on the brass name plate is done in a high temperature metal tempering oven (Temperature, time, and exact process is a trade secret,” Fender’s director of wood technology Mike Born said in a statement. “The ash exterior is a multi-step process that is also proprietary, but is different than we use in aging guitars, due to the precision required to age a guitar in the appropriate areas that wear due to use.”


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