R&B Music New: Prince’s Merch After Death

If you’ve read my previous post concerning how Prince’s vinyl legacy, as well as estate in totality will be functioning, this post shouldn’t be that shocking or surprising. What I would like to make sure that if nothing is taken away from the post is that VINYL COLLECTORS understand that the word “Limited” is often thrown around now way too loosely and often times there may never even be a mention of how many copies are being released (or in this case re-released) let alone a number etc. somewhere on your vinyl/outer sleeve to indicate that this is truly part of a limited release instead of a clever way of marketing to those who may be a causal fan, or casual vinyl collector and not understand semantics, false advertising, and/or exaggerating may go hand in hand when it comes “limited” releases or re-releases. I’ve seen too many deceased artists have their art or creations become monetized with the word limited thrown around without specifics just to create more of a frenzy, so if you are fine with one million being considered a limited number that is great, but for those that aren’t aware of all the trickery and and what goes on behind the scenes of record label’s especially when it comes to a dead legend’s estate,  you have to be extra mindful of what your choosing to purchase or not purchase as a collector as well as a fan.




So February 8th has just came and passed and “Musicology” “3121” and “Planet Earth” are now on the market in a “limited” purple vinyl (Yes they weren’t creative enough to think of 3 different colors and decided to make each vinyl Purple Rain Purple). Again in no article anywhere, or even on the site could I find a number, or general estimate of how many of these albums are being pressed/re-released.To my surprise though, they are offering up expensive merch, some having to do with the era of the music they (Legacy-affiliated boutique label of Sony dealing with Prince’s work) are re-releasing on vinyl, but most of it not having to do with earlier eras. The fan in me actually likes some of the stuff, but again I feel a sort of way about these corporations monetizing not only his musical output but memorabilia or clothing he sold directly himself during the NPG music club days.  While some things may have been pricey then,  I don’t imagine that Prince would be charging what this company is for some of their apparel/accessories etc.  I also imagine that although Prince kept his philanthropy to himself for the most part, if things were going to be this expensive there would be a reason behind it beyond trying to make the biggest profit possible. Isn’t capitalism great?



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