Coming Soon To Vinyl: Curtis Mayfield / Keep On Keeping On: Studio Albums 1970-1974

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Keep On Keeping On: Studio Albums 1970-1974 will be released on 22 February 2019.

Soul legend Curtis Mayfield‘s first four solo albums are collected in a new box set called Keep On Keeping On: Studio Albums 1970-1974.

The audio has been newly remastered and the albums in question are Curtis (1970), Roots (1971), Back to the World (1973) and Sweet Exorcist (1974). Thankfully, this set is being made available on both vinyl and CD.

“Curtis Mayfield was my husband and we were a team, so it’s an especially happy occasion to see these songs featured in a new boxed set on what would be Curtis’ 50th anniversary as a solo artist,” says his widow, Altheida Mayfield. “He passed 20 years ago this year and the family has and continues to lovingly support and share his musical legacy with the world.”


Curtis (1970)

“(Don’t Worry) If There’s A Hell Below, We’re All Going To Go”
“The Other Side Of Town”
“The Makings Of You”
“We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue”
“Move On Up”
“Miss Black America”
“Wild And Free”
“Give It Up”

Roots (1971)

“Get Down”
“Keep On Keeping On”
“We Got To Have Peace”
“Beautiful Brother Of Mine”
“Now You’re Gone”
“Love To Keep You In My Mind”

Back to the World (1973)

“Back To The World”
“Future Shock”
“Right On For The Darkness”
“Future Song (Love A Good Woman, Love A Good Man)”
“If I Were Only A Child Again”
“Can’t Say Nothin’”
“Keep On Trippin’”

Sweet Exorcist (1974)

“Ain’t Got Time”
“Sweet Exorcist”
“To Be Invisible”
“Power To The People”
“Kung Fu”
“Make Me Believe In You”


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