Featured DJ: Claytao

DJ Claytao’s Biography

Dj Clayton is a musician, composer, MC and teacher. He began his musical career as a teenager in the early 1990s playing small dances that he organized in the garage of his house. In his first years of career, the DJ went through different bands of different musical styles like: the band Disorder, project RarieSpécie of Dj Sigilo, group Agobeat, project Scratch Batera and Collective 02.
In 2011, the DJ came in with more force in the musical scene being invited to be the official DJ of his partner, Fernandinho Beat Box.
In the same year it gained even more prominence with the sponsorship of one of the biggest designer brands, New Era (USA).
Strengthening the Hip Hop scene, Dj Clayton has been participating in social projects aimed at bringing art and music to young people from the periphery (through lectures, performances, talk wheels, etc.)
Today, at the height of his 26 years of involvement in the Hip Hop scene, he presents a bag of works and performances with renowned names in Brazilian and foreign music. His performance always seeks to reach all audiences, seeking new inspirations so that his discography is always striking. In addition to the stage interaction, he has participated in several recordings and clips by Rap, Blackmusic, Pop and Soul artists.

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