Featured DJ: Brotha

Adson Miranda, also known as “Dj Brotha”, is Brazilian, born in Brasilia / DF in January 1976. He officially started his career by playing for sound teams from his city (Gama / DF) in 1992. Before that , was already involved in the black scene of his community, where he participated in dance groups and steps. Brotha is a Turntabilist practitioner, Music Producer, Beatmaker, Radialist, Broadcaster and Rap lyrics composer. He appeared in the great scene of hip hop brasiliense, in the late 90’s, with his musical productions, for groups of Rap, local and also of the Center-West of Brazil. He was, in fact, consecrated through the DJ competitions, in which he participated. Among them: DMC Brasil, Redbull Thre3style, Dj Scratch Championship (DF), Confejo Deejays (SP). From 2016 to here, has contributed a lot with competitions and battles of Dj’s (On Line), through their assigned Beats. His project #beatforscratch, broke through the walls of DF and collaborated with the championships: Start Dj Contest, Rio Scratch Bass and even the well-known “Poco no gangrene”, from São Paulo, through the 2018 champion of the competition, Dj Will Martins. More on, Instagram: @djbrothamusic @djbrotha