Featured DJ: Baju

DJ Baju Discography

Jorge, nicknamed Dj Baju is a resident of the Party NO! SWAG (Lounge).  His opportunity with NO! SWAG, has given himself and his peers the opportunity to represent themselves in the Projects and Festivals: Vitrolla 178 of Dj Gusta. Project Elllles dos Djs Fabricio Salles, HD, DJ ROB and Rapha, Project Taste Personal among others.

DJ Baju’s influences began in the late 80’s through the garage dances of the time and his family who enjoyed Soul Music, Disco Funk, Samba-Rock and popular songs of the time. By the the 90’s, he was on a roll with playing hot clubs such as; Class, Role Club, Royal Hall and other RAP R & B rolls in the center of SP.  By the 2000s, DJ Baju developed a Hip-Hop show, distinguishing himself on the Indie Hip-Hop scene as the man responsible for the “Festival Batuque” and having contacts with North American and National heavyweights.

Today, DJ Baju keeps himself busy researching music and the different genres; past, present, and future and trying to put it in his live sets while he interacts with the party audience.

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