Profile: DJ Anastasio

DJ Anastasio's Biography

Tasos Papadopoulos aka DJ Anastasio was born in 1979 in Athens, where he grew up until the age of 8. From 8 to 18 he grew up in Germany where he gained his first contacts with electronic music and not only. Influenced by the 90’s dancefloor of that time, the then popular rave scene of Germany, and the House music that flourished and eventually took on the form we all know and worship. DJ Anastasio bought its first mixer at 11; a Vivanko 4 channel measuring 20x12cm. With this equipment and two first-ever cd players, he made his first attempts to mix and record on a tape. Contrary to DJs at the time, DJ Anastasio first spun CDs; which was first popular at the time, however, DJ Anastasio graduated to using turntables. By the age of 18, he returned to Greece where he studied at the National Technical University of Athens while also working in many clubs and cafes in Athens and beyond that he could find. After completing his studies, he was given the opportunity to deal more with what he loves, music.