Soul: Voce e Eu Reviews: Cantor Dom

 Cantor Dom (Facebook)

Cantor Dom Biography

Born in 1978, André Luis Silva Carminhola is better known as Cantor Dom, had his first contact with music in childhood, through gospel music in the evangelical church where he had been raised and observing the pagodas that happened on the outskirts of the south zone of São Paulo. It was in the late 80s, where he heard Black music through radio programs, made by dance teams: Kaskatas, Black Mad and Chic Show. The discovery of that sound was love at first sight. The DJs played Funk, Soul, Rap, R & B and Samba-rock and he recalls all the recorded cassette tapes that he enjoyed as well during that time. Cantor Dom was eventually  introduced to the Hip-Hop movement. While watching break dancing on the streets and hearing aspiring rappers, Cantor Dom decided to compose his own lyrics and perform in public, he discovered that the stage was meant for him.

In the midst of this journey, the Samba arrived into Cantor Dom’s life in an unexpected way.  He began to take pleasure in percussion instruments and an old and rusty tambourine, that its neighbor let him use. Interested, he began to attend pagodas, and samba schools to enjoy and learn a little more. In a short time, he was playing almost all the Samba instruments.  Uneasy about singing the songs, he gradually improved and began receiving invitations to participate in various groups.  It was thus, that he began performing in the clubs of São Paulo. As Cantor Dom became more serious to become a professional musician he decided to study music, first  learning how to read sheet music and learn about other musical styles so he would to be able to survive in the field. This attitude gave Cantor Dom several opportunities as a free-lance musician for recordings, which gave him great studio experience. In 1998, together with friends he founded the group “Ghetto Brasil”, which had the opportunity to travel throughout most of Brazil performing in hotels, football stadiums, nightclubs, street shows for thousands of people, parks, samba schools , TV and radio programs such as: Record, Bandeirantes, CNT, Gazeta, Transcontinental FM, 105 FM, Radio Success (former City Radio), Fm O Day, among others … And record two CDs: I Love You (2000) and Ghetto Brazil (2001). Both by Sum Records.

In 2001, Cantor Dom decided to return to its roots to learn and live the teachings of Jesus Christ in his life. In the church, he also had the opportunity to hear Black Spirituals, which was the black style of singing gospel music.The music was full of textures, vibratos, melísmas and falsetes, previously only heard in American music.  Cantor Dom began to  dedicated and disciplined himself to learn this new singing techniques.  And in parallel with the group Ghetto Brazil, in 2002 he founded with friends, the gospel band “Soul Hunters”. Cantor Dom played percussion and sang in this band performing Funk, Soul, R&B and Rap with harmonies, swing and Brazilian accent. In 2003, he left Ghetto Brasil to devote himself entirely to gospel music performing in presentations in the most varied places, such as: prisons, churches, communities, recovery clinics, hospitals, etc … In 2005, Dom became a social worker teaching percussion classes in NGOs in the outskirts of São Paulo interior and for minor offenders in FEBEM (now CASA Foundation), where he remained for six years. During this time he released two independent CDs with the band “Hunters of Souls” which were: Man of God (2006) and Acorda pra Vida (2008).

In 2010, with the encouragement and support of friends, he decided to take advantage of his experience and musical background, to fulfill an old dream of having a solo career, based on Black dance music culture with hints of Soul, R&B and Brazilian music.

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