Featured DJ: Myke aka Micionero

DJ Myke aka Micionero Biography


DJ Myke’s approach to the art of turntablism is definitely live sessions and improvisations.  Active since 1997, he soon became one of the protagonists of the Italian turntablism culture, winning the DMC Italy for four consecutive years  – 2000 and 2001 with the MenInSkratch team and 2001 and 2002 as a soloist. DJ Myke also participated four times in the World DJ Championship final and in 2003, together with DJ Aladyn in Prague. 

In 1999 DJ Myk together with DJ Aladyn and DJ T The Thief  founded the turntablist crew Men In Skratch which later added  DJ Yaner and DJ Franky B. to the crew.  In 2009, Men In Skratch  produced and released the album “Alkemy” (Time Rec) and since then have constructed an visual DJ set consisting of four hands spinning live garnering the crew fame and credibility in clubs throughout Italy.