Featured DJ: Chukkee

DJ Chukkee Biography

DJ Chukkee knew from the time he jumped on a set of turntables for the very 1st time and felt the rush of pushing a record back and forth creating the scratch with my own vibe to a Dr Dre track that the art of turntablism was his life calling.  His excitement of turntablism  also started  DJ Chukkee’s quest to dig for records in op shops, music stores and even going through his parent’s collection of records. By 1994, he had collected 1000s of  albums with the majority of it being from the hip hop and R&B genres.  Eventually, DJ Chukkee began practicing battle tricks with his Technic 1200 turntable and a Numark mixer.  Once DJ Chukkee perfected his technique he then began Djing major events such as; Redbull, Mag & Turbo, Fashion Shows and club sets alongside Dj Reminise, Dj Manchoo, Dj Green Lantern (USA) and many many more. DJ Chukkee also opened up for R&B group 112 from Bad Boy records.

DJ Chukkee’s love for The Art of Turntablism has always been strong a motivator for him to stay on his game  with what’s going on music and technology. DJ Chukkee also makes it a point to always help other Dj’s get to where they need to go with their career and to pay homage to the djs who have inspired him like Dj Qbert, Dj Cash Money, Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan and N.W.A