Featured DJ: Anderson Secco

Anderson Secco Biography

Anderson Secco is a dj, producer and the owner of a record company called Na Vitrola Records. Growing up Anderson recalls always hearing his father who made a living playing parties in North Sao Paulo and his grandfather using the phrase “choose a record and puts it on the record player”.  

Thanks to my family and several friends that were vinyl collectors that I decided to mount the seal on the record player, and thus, to meet the need to put the digital songs in analog again. Anderson noticed how difficult is was for anyone who is a vinyl collector, a lover of audiophile or an instrumentalist who were having a difficult time finding music from the 1990’s to the present on vinyl. 

Today,  artists and producers can makes their work available on vinyl for releases through Na Vitrola Records were DJ  Anderson Secco selects and presses the best  for audiophile heads  and vinyl collectors and proving that it is possible to press quality recording of national and international musicians in Brazil.