Featured DJ: Joao Luiz

DJ Joao Luiz BIOgraphy

DJ Joao Luiz’s interest in turntablism started in the late 80’s when he was about 17 years old and was also when he purchased his first turntable – 3 in 1- stereo setup which was very popular  at the time. It was during those defining moments that DJ Joao knew that all you he needed was vinyl to debut his new turntablist career.  DJ Joao recalls fondly the first time he bought vinyl.  He stated “I  remember my first trip to the popular record store called Disco Museum, looking at the all the vinyl and leaving with my first two albums: a double album by Tim Maia  greatest hits and the Greatest Hits  Volume 1 & 2 of the Isley Brothers”

Every since then DJ Joao Luiz has been addicted to vinyl culture and his family and friends have always supported his addiction with gifts of vinyl records.  DJ Joao recalls “Every Saturday  me  and my friends would gather at my house to hear all the new vinyl that we all purchased that week”. Those Saturday sessions eventually grew into DJ Joao and his friends forming a sound team call Billbox which at that time they didn’t have a permanent place to play, so in the beginning they did some dances with other teams from Zul Zone such as: Capri, Master Sound, Cosa Nostra, Star 1000 and the Eternal Vinyl Project.  After the formation of Team Billbox, DJ Joao remembers him and his team rapidly increasing the amount of vinyl they bought and the frequency of how often they were purchasing vinyl.  After much discussion the team decided to only buy imported vinyl from the famous Galeria 24 de Maio. DJ Joao states “We bought our first imported vinyl from a singer called Jamm and the American soul group Ray Goodman & Brown and from there we became customers of the Discomania and Truck’s Discos; every Friday we were there”.

All of Team Billbox records still remain with the following members João Luiz, Lindomar and Ademir, however,  today they are all just collectors, enjoying our homes and meeting on weekends for barbecues,..

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