Featured DJ: Senna

DJ Senna’s Biography

DJ Senna is a turntablist and events advisor from São Paulo, Brazil who’s known for spinning many different strands of House music. DJ Senna’s set presentations are  also known for always surprising his audiences with elaborate sets, hot grooves, rhythms and great vocals,. Continuously in touch with music influencers that have emerged over the past decades DJ Senna and his team have amassed a vast collection of classic hits from the electronic world scene like; House Music, Techno House and Deep House to name a few.

Already a popular known figure in the electronic scene, 2005 was the year DJ Senna was voted “Best Dj Revelation of House Music”.  From 2006 until 2008 he and his partner worked with Rádio Ponto Com de São Paulo, releasing  EP remixes of Alter 8, Debbie Gibson, Myllo and Ralph Rosário. During 2009 & 2010 DJ Senna produced a new EP of remixes for the singer Rosana Alves, “Porto Alegre of the Musicas Final Feliz” and “Bad Master”.  DJ Senna also appearances on the song “Woozin” by Dj Dexter from Curitiba, which became a popular hit in Europe.

Currently, DJ Senna is working from his own studio, where he hosts the “House Vertentes Program” that airs every Saturday from 19:00 (www.impaktoblack.com). As of recently DJ Senna has signed a partnership deal with Radio Web Arena Djs, where he is reactivating “ANTIGA PISTA” a program dedicated to the music of the 80’s until 2010. (www.arenadjs.com.br).

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