Featured DJ: Cesar Oliveira

DJ Cesar Oliveira Biography

Joao Cesar de Oliveira Santos aka DJ Cesar Oliveira was born in the neighborhood of Canindé in the northern area of Sao Paulo. He was raised by a family of Djs and admired his uncles who used to perform at many of the dances in the 80’s. DJ Cesar’s early excitement about music got him involved with the famous “bailinhos” with his brothers Dj Barata and Dj Jean Raps along with his cousins Lindomar and Gilmar who were performing dances at the school where he studied in the 90’s. However, it wasn’t until Dj Cesar witness his friend Dj Aroldo doing some scratching at a party that he was sure that he wanted to be Dj.

Every Saturday DJ Cesar recalls meeting with his brothers at their cousin Dj Lindomar’s house because he had all the records or  “the famous wood”, as they were called back then. However, it was DJ Cesar’s cousin purchased the famous Mk2 Technics, that  began to become more professional in the art of spinning parties .DJ Cesar began to spin at “Curtia” the dances of Teams Zimbabwe and the “Chic Show”. On Sundays he attended Cris Discos, Curtia and the Neon Club. Despite DJ Cesar’s busy djing schedule, he managed to hold a long time residency at the Sunset Club, located in Santana where he continues to spin. 

Currently, DJ Cesar has two projects that keep him very busy, Conexsom Sao Paulo a team of Djs that specialize in birthdays parties, weddings and corporate events and Sala da Musica a group of approximately 18 Djs, who throw a party once a month playing black Music and Michael Jackson songs from the of the 80’s and 90’s. 

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