Featured DJ: Michelle Leona

DJ Michelle Leona Bio

Dj Michelle Leona is a turntablist from São Paulo, Brazil who enjoys spinning musical genres such as: r&b, funk, soul, rock, disco, classic house music and 80’s pop music. DJ Michelle Leona directly links growing up in the 80’s, in a household where she heard various styles of music as the main reason as to why became a musician and later a DJ.

DJ Michelle Leona has performed at nightclubs, various shows, web radio, cultural and corporate events such as: Hip-Hop Celebration SP (Republic Square), Hip-Hop Closing Month (Anhangabaú Valley) and Korean Women’s International Network Ceremony held in São Paulo in 2017.

Currently, DJ Michelle Leona continues to perform at corporate and cultural events around Sao Paulo, while she still constantly improving her turntablism and musical production techniques.

DJ Michelle Leona Favorite Albums