Featured DJ: Ju Mineira

DJ Ju Mineira

Born in  Minas Gerais,  Ju Mineira’s DJ career started in São Paulo in 2012. During this period, DJ Ju Mineira began to replace her cd collection to a vinyl collection. Her repertoire is totally influenced by all styles of black music such as; jazz, blues, 70’s funk, classic soul, disco, r&b, hip-hop, electronic music, reggae, samba, samba rock and anything with a groove.

In 2013, DJ Ju Miniera organized the “Boneca Iron Festival”, which was motivated by the desire of giving female DJs a opportunity in a male dominant field. DJ Ju Mineira was responsible for organizing public events, as well as house parties in São Paulo. She has hosted more than 40 dj’s, various vinyl selectors and several artists. DJ Ju Mineira is also a member of the DJ’s team at “Boteco Prato do Dia” playing at various house events and wherever the road leads.