Featured DJ: Andre Tobias

DJ Andre Tobias Bio

42 year old turntablist André Tobias from Limeira, São Paulo, Brazil is a veteran DJ and vinyl collector for over  20 years. DJ André Tobias made a career out working in several clubs in his city of Limeira and clubs in other regions spinning Rap, Funk, R&B and MPB. His musical influences include artists such as: Zapp, Barry White, Bobby Caldwell, Notorious BIG, & DJ Premier, 

 DJ André Tobias grew up in the middle of music that started in his childhood. DJ André remarks “my grandmother listened to AM radio and she played a lot of music around the house”. DJ André recalls also being inspired by his uncle who operated a sound crew in the late 1980s.

 DJ André had great people around him who taught him turntablism techniques and motivated his development as a turntablist such as: DJ Crisão, DJ Morf, Preguinho (The Jet’s), Zézinho and DJ Joel (Banda Lã).  At 16 he debuted as a legitimate DJ and  later into his early adult years DJ André began working in a radio station where he states “My passion for the music and for good old vinyl grew during this period”.  

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