Featured DJ: Glaucio Almeida

DJ Glaucio Almeida Bio

Glaucio Luis de Almeida Catanho aka DJ Glaucio Almeida is a 47 years old turntablist living in Sao Paulo. At the age of 9, DJ Glaucio’s father introduced him to the cds of Jorge Ben and Trio Mocotó – Cosa Nostra / Coqueiro Verde, 1970. By the age of 12, DJ Glaucio was already doing the garage music scene with his school friends in the Vila Matilde region. DJ Glaucio adds ” I always went with lots of remixed k7 tapes that I used to produce with my Sony model HMK353-Bs.

At 14, DJ  Glaudio received his first LP compilation called Gap Gold by The Gap Band as a gift from his father. DJ Glaucio stated “Eventually, I started to buy my own records and cds, mostly buying  CDs, because they had a much lower price than LPs”. When he was 15 he was invited by a friend to be part of the Sensa’Som Team, where he spent 10 years as a DJ and Master of Ceremonies known for playing selections from Black Music (Rap, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Samba Rock, Pop, Melodies).

By the early 90’s DJ Glaucio participated in “Championship of DJs” organized by Dj Luis Boca da Warrior; he won 2nd place. The following year, DJ Glaucio was part of the Black Mad team, one of the biggest teams in São Paulo. He remembers having his tryout at the home of Mauricio BlackMad. and it also there was DJ Dinho.  After his tryout he was chose to participate with Black Mad as Masters At Ceremony. 

In 1993, DJ Glaucio recorded a compilation called “Explosion of Rap”. Since he was DJ of the group Dominion of Reason, together with my friends Kassius and Pygmy they recorded the tracks “Our Ancestors” and “The Effects of War” at the Fantastic Voyage Studio with the production done by Dj Cuca.  During this time, DJ Glaucio black music radio programs such as: Central FM, Enigma FM, Impacto FM, Action FM, 96,5FM. In 1997, he moved to Radio Blackout FM, where I spent two years doing the rap program in Véia, launching and interviewing national rap groups.

In 2016, DJ Glaucio operated the online music program “The Expresso Musical Program” a program where he interviewed guest DJs, promoted parties and play black music. Recently DJ Glaucio was invited by his friends Pigmeu and Kassius to set up and become a member of EP Musical TV as the man in charge of EP Musical TV’s sound and image as well as managing EP Musical TV’s music store. 

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