DJ Don Lorenzo's Bio

Producer, DJ and VJ, Don Lorenzo has been working in the independent rap scene since the 90s and his main influences are rap, rock, and r&b. At the same time as, DJ Don Lorenzo was experiencing new music he discovered the art of turntablism; something  that would become a special relationship that Don nurtures very closely. DJ Don Lorenzo began promoting amateur parties and ended up  developing into a master dj known for his competitiveness towards other dj’s and his continuous search for new turntablism techniques. DJ Don states “Even though i’m serious about being a turntablist, I do enjoy the parties and listening to alot of music”. 

Dj Don Lorenzo’s desire to participate more actively in the music scene came in 2010 when he created the independent label (Vinyl Protection Society – SPV Beats BR) and started producing instrumental (Beats); utilizing his business knowledge together with the art of music. SPV Beats signed a partnership with DJ Menor (Casa de Bamba Project) and together we organized several parties that were at the Sampa ravines.

As  DJ Don Lorenzo’s reputation grew there was no stopping him. SPV Beats began working with the popular rap group “DNA de Vagabundo”, that was already participating in several projects and performing at important shows in the scene. One of their most important performances was opening the show for Racionais MCs at the Casa de Shows Castelo (Osasco). DJ Don shares a memory about a special show The Echoes show with the participation of musician Bocato (Trompetista),  “there was a very rich musical synergy in the air that night”. he also adds “I had the positive experience to work with the original line-up of “Flowmiga and the Astronauts”, a band that mixed pop, rock & rap.

DJ Don has always had a taste for music production, however, the studio did not allow DJ Don interaction with other people. In 2015, the Black’ 0ut Party – together with Djs Manga and K-Mina – was created. We created these parties out of our desire to enjoy different musical trips from those that were popular at the time. 

Today, DJ Don Lorenzo still maintains his creativity in his live sets, still innovating, mixing the world of black music. He is still playing parties with the participation of Dj KL Jay (Racionais MCs / Sintonia), DJ Marco (Creole / Discopédia / Sintonia), DJ Dan Dan (Creole, Discopédia), DJ Nyack (Discopédia), Dj Will / 5-1), Dj Erick Jay (several times DMC champion) and others.


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