Why Do I Collect Vinyl?:  DJ Rinaldo Silva

Country: Brazil

Genres: Funk, Soul, R&B

Collecting For 20 Years

I’m a worshiper of the 70s, 80s and 90s … funk and oldies music especially anything  connected to Black Music. I consider myself a sincere, helpful, supportive, cheerful,  deejay. Music protagonists that I am, I must choose what I want to play and always present an unforgettable show! Listening … creates a beautiful musical show!

In my opinion a world without the art of music, is an uninspired world and a world without emotions. Music in particular, makes the soul transcend to a perfect imaginary and a state of equilibrium. It makes me think that we can find happiness for a moment, even though, I wish it was for a lifetime. Music is the only art that feelings have the ability to connect to melody.

I want to thank Julia Vieira for this opportunity to return to her program ” Soul: Voce e Eu” of which I am very much a fan. Success and long life to everyone involved, especially The Pluginin Exchange.